Rink hockey, a sold out spectator sport in the 1992 Olympics, is internationally played in over 50 countries. World Championships are held annually for School Boys, Junior, Ladies and Senior Divisions along with intercontinental cup tournaments. Tournaments are frequently held across North America and each year there is an “open” National Championship. National Championship Divisions include, 8 and under (8U), 10 and under (10U), 12 and under (12U), 14 and under (14U), 16 and under (16U), Under 19 (U19), Ladies and Senior Bronze-Silver-Gold. Each Rink Hockey Region has a Regional Representative who can be contacted for information including seminars, tournaments, equipment etc.

Rink Hockey differs from roller hockey in several ways, including the number of players on the rink at a time, the types of sticks used, and the types of skates used. Roller Hockey teams field five players, and the players use longer sticks resembling ice-hockey sticks, and skate using inline type skates (as opposed to quad/ roller skates).

  • Two teams of five players each on the rink, four skaters and one goalkeeper
  • Six to ten members total on each team, important to have a backup goalie
  • Ball can only be moved by the stick
  • Only a foul if the ball is moved by an intentional kicking motion
  • Two halves, 25 minutes each generally
  • Clock stops when the ball is not in play
  • Youth age groups may have shorter games, 30 minutes total for under-15 and 40 minutes for under-17 (15 minute halves and 20 minute halves, respectively)
  • 10 minute interval (halftime) between periods
  • Each team gets a single 1-minute timeout each half of the match
  • Excessive contact (hitting) is not permitted
  • One or two main referees enforce the rules of the game
  • Assisted by auxiliary referee who directs the official table game
  • Game can end in a tie unless it is a tournament or championship match in which a tie is invalid.
  • 3 minute interval between full time and extra time in case of a tiebreaker
  • Extra time is generally 10 minutes total broken in two halves
  • 6 minutes total for under-17 age groups
  • Blocking shots can occur with any part of the body besides the hand
  • Shot clock exists similar to basketball
  • 10 seconds to move the ball across halfway line
  • Team in possession in offensive zone must make an on goal shot at the opponents goal within 45 seconds


  • 4-wheeled box skates
  • Shin-pads, kneepads, elbow pads, gloves
  • Slim stick curved similarly to a field hockey stick
  • Goalkeeper requires further equipment such as leg pads, chest protector, neck protector


Was a demonstration sport in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics


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