There are two main types of roller freestyle:
1. Roller Freestyle Park – a course with various obstacles
2. Roller Vert Ramp – a half pipe (vertical ramp) featuring timed routines

  • The combination of qualification phases and runs for a category is based on number of registered participants
  • Each rider competes 1-3 runs within their heat, classic rules are two runs and the best one counts
  • Runs generally last 45-60 seconds
  • Riders are randomly assigned to heats in the qualification phase
  • The start order of the semi-final phase is in reverse order of the results of the qualification phase
  • Riders in each heat are entitled to a warm up before their heat begins for a minimum of 40 seconds
  • Each judge scores a rider’s run from 0-99 and those judge scores are averaged to determine the run score


  • Roller skates with at least 2 wheels up to a maximum of 5 wheels per foot
  • Minimum diameter 40mm maximum 130mm
  • Helmet is required
  • Back, elbow, knee, wrist protectors as well as protection of cervical vertebrae are recommended
  • Knee protection mandatory for junior riders


Skate park with a variety of obstacles such as ramps, half-pipes, rails, etc.


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