Inline downhill is a form of inline skating in which an asphalt (mountain) route is driven down. A typical downhill track has an average gradient of 7 to 13% and has several hairpin turns . The average speed is around 60 km / h. However, on certain stretches a speed of around 110 km / h is reached.

Racing suits from alpine skiing are used to improve aerodynamics . Some drivers use leather suits from the motorcycle sport. The inline skate is usually a combination of a slalom shoe (high shaft with good grip) and a rail with five rollers . Since only a few manufacturers offer special downhill shoes, the material is usually combined from several manufacturers.

Since the brake pad or brake rubber does not achieve the desired deceleration, many drivers have removed the brake pad and braked with the wheels (sliding).

In order to achieve a good combination of speed , cornering stability and slide ability, most riders use wheels with a diameter of 84 or 100 mm. A hardness of 80-84A is used for the rollers, depending on the distance and the body weight of the driver.


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