Roller Sports Canada (RSC) is mandated to promote and publicize the sport of freestyle scootering in Canada and recognized as governing body from World Stake. It is managed by dedicated volunteers, funded by contributors, and sponsored by businesses in the industry. RSC-Scootering organizes national competitive events for enthusiasts of the sport.

RSC-Scootering is the official national governing body for freestyle scootering in Canada. It is therefore a division of Roller Sports Canada, akin to other roller sports such as roller speed skating and artistic roller skating. Canada now has a way forward and an official governing body to oversee our growing sport at home.

RSC-Scootering has issued its new Comprehensive Guide to the Sport (see Resources section) where you will find detailed information about the organization’s mandate, vision, and values, as well as events, competitions details, event categories, and everything else in between.



Individual membership

You can become a member of RSC through the RSC- Scootering Portal in five (5) easy steps. The individual membership fees are on an annual basis (applicable from January 1 to December 31) and renewable each year.

Although the RSC membership is on a voluntary basis, it is mandatory for the athletes representing Canada outside the country and at international competitions (i.e., World Skate events, USA Roller Sport (USARS) qualifiers, etc).


By joining RSC, you will:

  • Help the growth and development of the roller sports for yourself and others in your community and elsewhere across Canada.
  • Benefit from lower entry registration fees to RSC-Scootering events and competitions.
  • Contribute to the development of a high-performance scootering athlete program in Canada.
  • Receive RSC-Scootering Newsletter, and be the first to know about events, competitions, and training clinics by receiving advanced notice.


Your membership increases the number of collective voices that are committed to the growth of the roller sports and supports the development of facilities for recreational and competitions across the country.

Every dollar collected via the RSC membership fees are reinvested into divisions (including RSC-Scootering) to benefit the athletes, the development of initiatives, programs and organizations of national events across the country.

Together, we are building strong foundations for the future of the roller sports in Canada and growing the scootering community one athlete at a time, Be part of it!


To participate to this season’s events, you can register online via our user friendly RSC- Scootering Portal. As member of RSC-Scootering, you can register to events and benefit from lower entry registration fees.

2024 Canada Freestyle Open Series